Sea + (?)

So I was doing a page in one of Sean’s “Language Arts” books with him yesterday, about compound words. It was very cute, actually. They had a picture, then a plus sign, then a word (or the other way around) and the student is supposed to say the words out loud to form the compound word. There was a picture of a carton of milk + the word “man” = milkman. There was a picture of a star + the word “fish” = YES! You got it! (good for you.) starfish. Then Sean came to the word “sea” + a picture of a shell (a conch shell, like the one pictured above, but a cartoony version)…

“Eww…what is that?!”
“What do you think it is, Sean?”
“A broken tongue?”
“Yikes. No. Here…just try the first part and maybe you’ll get it.”

This is our new word for someone who does something silly. That one is a Seabrain. Pass it on!


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