Claire’s Diary

Okay, so I thought I should act like I still blog. And what better re-entry than to announce the birth of our fourth little bundle of Awesome?!

Claire Aisling Hoban was born on Tuesday, May 4, at 11:28 pm. She was 7 lbs., 3 oz. and 20″ long at birth, with a full coif of lovely dark brown hair…it came pre-styled and everything. (Nice!)

And here’s a little something my good friend Bill Fetter texted to me the other day (Yes, friends…all in a text). It made me smile:

Claire’s Diary…

Day 1: Still tired from the move. I’ll sleep some more. Maybe all this brightness will pass.
Day 2: Like her, but who are all these other people?
Day 3: Why is everybody talking to me like their voice box is a yo yo?
Day 4: I’ve been having dreams of bright flashes in my face. Also something odd is happening in my diaper. Very strange.
Day 5: I miss my little hat.
Day 6: Somebody please tell me what swaddling is. This is driving me crazy!


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