Good Stuff Happening

Wow!  …and my blog suffers serious neglect.

So we have all kinds of fun things happening with the worship team right now.  We’re (finally) recording some of our original music again.  One of the team members has a studio in his basement, where we tracked five songs one day last week with acoustic, vox, keys and some electric.  This week, a second session is scheduled for drums, and more electric leads and rhythm.  Next up: bass, backing vox and other fun things.

Also I notice that blogging and songwriting seem to compete…heavily…for the same space in my schedule.  I can’t seem to do both effectively.  I either blog or I write music, sadly.  I do not know how other people pull all this off, but my hat’s off to them.  So the good news is that my creativity in songwriting has had a bit of a surge again recently.  I’ve been coming up with some interesting stuff as well as looking at old fragments and seeing what can be done with them, if anything.  I love writing music.  I wish I had more uninterrupted quiet time and space…and skill to devote to it.

Another cool thing that’s happening is that we’re changing the structure of the worship team leadership chain a bit.  I’m still heading up the worship team and will still be leading worship, but with somewhat less frequency.  I find that when I’m off for a week, I’m able to see and hear things that I couldn’t when I was on.  When you’re on and leading, there are just too many things to juggle – it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.  But the big picture stuff comes into focus when you can step back and just observe.

This is also a great thing because it’s running in tandem with a program of training up and releasing new worship leaders on the team.  Already Krasimir led last week (October 18th), and did a fantastic job.  We have two or three others who lead on Sunday morning regularly and are great at it, and we’re starting to work with one or two others who’d be new to the experience.  What’s amazing, when I think about it, is that we really have a team that’s made up of leaders.  I can’t think of one person on the team who doesn’t lead in some capacity in the church – whether it’s on or off the worship team.  It’s great.  They’re good peeps.

Next on the agenda: Christmas Eve service.  I can’t WAIT for this!  I love the Christmas Eve service.  Partly because I just love Christmas, but also I love the possibilities.  We are going to put together a great program this year.  Hey Ben, you should probably consider dusting off your banjo.  I’ve got plans for you two.


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