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WorshipChicks is a forum for conversation among worship-leading women (and their allies). Here are some of the first WorshipChicks posts, back in the days when it was still integrated into my blog:

WorshipChicks #8: From Experience, Jenni Clayville
Jenni Clayville talks about her experience with being a female worship leader. Add your thoughts!

WorshipChicks #7: Out of the Zone
Tell us your best “out of comfort zone” moments!

WorshipChicks #6: Engaging Worshippers
How do you teach people to engage in worship who’ve never done so before? How do you get people to move from “member of the audience at a performance” to worshipper, engaged and participating”?

WorshipChicks #5: Teaching and Growth
What do you do to build up your worship team?

WorshipChicks #4: With Or Without You
How does your team do when you’re not on? Are you mentoring or training up anyone? How do you prep your team for when you’re away?

WorshipChicks #3: Balance
What’s on your plate? And how do you find ways to deal with everything effectively? Do you feel sometimes like you’re just not able to? Give us your thoughts on managing your time and balancing your life.

(Exercise: Make a list of the major arenas of your life, or your roles in them, and rate for yourself how you think you’re handling each area. Are there some areas you could cut out or cut down on? Are there some areas where you need to step up to the plate more?)

Links, Trackbacks:

WorshipChicks #2: Influence and Inspiration
What WorshipChick(s) have inspired or influenced you the most, and why?

WorshipChicks #1: Growing Up
How have you seen God growing you up (so to speak)? Can you look back and see growth? Do you have some way of tracking that or remembering that? Has your personality, leadership style, methodology changed with you? Name an “Aha” moment or turning point in your growth that helped you jump to a new level.


WorshipChicks: Women Leading Worship
What I’m looking for is dialogue with and among women (and “friends of” women) who lead worship…#worshipchicks. Ma Girlz. Jesus-loco mic-wielding chicas.  I want to know what’s on your mind.  Why aren’t there more women in worship?  What difficulties do you face as a female worship leader?  Has your authority or “right” to lead been challenged, and how did you deal with it?  What the heck is up with all the cool fast songs being set in guy-keys?



  1. Hey WorshipChicks out there!

    I’d love for you to stop by my website at http://shericarr.com and interact anytime. I’ll be hanging around here from time to as well.

    ALWAYS love connecting with other women worship leaders, so I’m looking forward to finding out more about each of you!

    Sheri Carr
    Vineyard Music/Varietal Records
    Flowery Branch, GA

  2. I’m a WorshipChick! Thrilled to be a part of the community. Thank you, Tami for hooking us all up. I can use all the mentoring I can get!

    A little about my worship leading history:

    I led youth group worship for a long time while in high school and was in a Campus Crusade worship band while at Virginia Tech for a year. Upon returning from college, I was asked to put together a young group that was capable of leading “more contemporary” worship songs during our informal, not nearly as well attended Sunday evening services at my don’t-want-to-go-completely-contemporary-at-our-morning-services-baptist-church. For about a year and 1/2 now my small band has been providing the core of our congregation with a taste of upbeat, contemporary worship on a pretty sporadic schedule. We need a lot of work and our church congregation needs an act of God to finally embrace some emotion-filled worship. I am a young leader waiting on the Lord for that breakthrough and trying to be faithful to do all that I can through our little group in the meantime. and that is all.

  3. I would be interested in seeing a topic of discussion about dealing with team members. I struggle in this area sometimes. How do you guys deal with discipline, correction, and hurt feelings, etc…? I had an incident this week with a team member who is upset because she never gets to “lead on a song.” My situation is that I just took this position 2 months ago so many of these issues were here before I came.

    This person is a back-up singer, she can barely sing harmony, I have to help her find the part and her voice is just not strong enough for leading. I am trying to work with her within her gifting, but she is not happy. I am open to all suggestions.

    Heather C

  4. […] Hoban, founder of WorshipChicks, asked me to guest post for their 8th entry this […]

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This is me.  I’m a 30-something singer/songwriter/worship leader, married to an amazing guy and blessed with three awesome kiddies (and a fourth on the way).

This is my blog – exploring worship (and life) in the real world and how I experience and live it out on a day-to-day basis.  Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t.  But when it’s offered as a sacrifice to a worthy King, it becomes a beautiful noise.

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