WorshipChicks #9: Mary & Martha

Okay, we all are familiar with the account of Jesus coming to the house of Mary & Martha and their brother, Lazarus, and how Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to him while Martha grumpily slaved away in the kitchen.  There are many different angles you can come from in looking at this account.  I’m not going to get into all that, except to say that my interpretation is that Martha was not so wrong because she was serving Jesus from the kitchen, but because she did so with a wrong attitude.  It’s sort of fruitless to categorize people as “Marys” or “Marthas” and act like the “Marthas” are lesser servants of God.  We really need to be a combination of both.  At varying seasons in our lives, and even from day to day, we will be more like one or the other in whatever we’re doing, if our lives are truly devoted to Jesus.

Let me give you an example of the uncool way.  There are those who dedicate their whole lives to prayer and worship; which is great, but some do not go out and put their faith into action in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and reaching the world with the gospel.  There are others who are all about doing things for others, devoting their lives to serving others.  Fantastic.  But often times they’re too busy doing to take time to pray and seek God’s will, so all their doing can be rather fleshly indeed.

We, as worship leaders, are no different – we have this balance to keep in our lives as well.  You know as well as I do that we can become really great at the one thing and totally neglect the other.  Think of Martha as the administrator/people person in you and Mary as the dedicated worshiper and truth seeker.  How are you doing with this delicate balance?  How do you keep yourself in check?  Do you ever feel that some weeks of worship have turned out dry and “sterile”, at least for you, because you’ve focused mainly on the Martha things?  Or have you experienced total chaos with the team and gotten the “frown” from the pastor because you’re in Mary-land and forget to take care of things?

C’mon, kids, I can’t be alone in this!  Holla’back…

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