The Legend Sounds Off

Okay, remember last April when I blogged on Ralph the Legend, the infamous racquetball hero of CITW?  Here’s my official follow up on the guy.  I hope you’re reading this, Ralph!!

So…I’m in church on Sunday, and letting the news of my pregnancy “trickle down”, one person at a time (I don’t want one of those big showy announcements from the pulpit.  I’m “secretly shy”), when Ralph comes up to me and Noeleen and says, “Break it up, break it up, you two.  I have a question for you guys,” with, by the way, a deadly serious look on his face.  “When are we going to play racquetball again??”

“Well…” I start, “that’s a really good question.  Because I don’t know if you heard, but I’m pregnant.”

(Ridiculous pause)

“What?”  (Do I detect irritation?)


(Ridiculous pause, accompanied by long, slow head turn, then whip back around)

“Why didn’t you guys think of ME in this?  What about me?!  Who am I gonna play racquetball with now?”

“But…but, Ralph…I’ll still play again once I’m feeling better and before I get really big.”

*Sigh*  “I just can’t believe you didn’t consult me on this.  I have mixed feelings!  I’m gonna be honest with you.  It’s great news, but bad for me.”

This conversation made me so happy.  I laughed so hard.  Later on, he caught me at the Hospitality Center and said, “I feel guilty.”

“Why, Ralph?”

“Because I’m still irritated by this.  Okay, look, I’ll leave it at this.  Congratulations.  I’m happy for you.  Thanks for ruining my day.”

HA HA HA – hooooo…it made my day.  🙂


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