How Do They DO It?!


Okay.  I just have to say, I don’t know how they do it.  These “homeschool bloggers”.  What superhuman gene did they receive that I was passed over for?  I can’t see how someone could do both successfully.  I’m talking about being a real blogger.  Not like me, I’m a pretty pathetic blogger…primarily because I don’t do it very often and I’m just not as tech savvy as my relational associations may cause some to assume. (My husband’s the techie, I’m the one who says, “Sure.  Just teach me how to use it.”)  I’m talking about these video-uploading, link-tweeting, demographic-studying, creative designing bloggers.  Who homeschool.  Wait.  Maybe I don’t know anyone who does all that.  Maybe I’m not crazy.  oO(I wonder if it’s a little crazy to brain dump all this in a blog…)  Maybe it’s not just the one-two punch combination that I find difficult, maybe it’s more like the barrage of merciless rapid-fire demolition that comes in the 7th round between the Mohammed Alis and the, well…slightly less focused contenders.  I feel like that sometimes.  Not Mohammed Ali.  That’d actually be a cool feeling.  More like the less focused contenders.  So it’s also the worship leading, songwriting, pastoring, baseball mom…ing, spread-too-thin thing.

I often describe myself as an “organized artist”…having qualities of both the pocket protected CD-alphabetizing crowd and the bohemian go-with-the-flow daydreaming crowd.  In fact, it’s sort of weird.  It’s like I can’t make up my mind which camp to stay in, or how to reconcile the two if I choose to create my own camp.  The problem is that it causes me to have too broad a scope of interests (if that’s possible) and too much of a sense of responsibility about all of them.

And then there’s that whole, “because it’s just part of life” thing.  You have to do that, because it’s just part of life.  It’s weird when you neglect those things in favor of taking care of the other things.  It’s like trying to balance your life on the end of a wet noodle.  (oo…I like that imagery.  paint it.)

This is the point in a good blogger’s blog where they come to a great conclusion.  In the case of a Christian blogger’s blog, they tie it in with scripture and you walk away without that anxious, cliffhanger feeling you experience at the end of every frussin’ bussin’ episode of LOST (including, I predict, the last episode of the last season).  You leave with a great “take away”.  Probably still some great thoughts and questions to ponder, but that’s all part of the take away.

But, I’m sorry to say, my point isn’t to have a point.  It’s mostly just to say my piece and recognize, publicly, that  I don’t get it yet.  I’m still trying to work a lot of this stuff out, and I probably always will be, to some degree.  Life is complicated…and sometimes just really hard.  When I’m in the zone, and I’m seeing myself through the lens of Jesus, I gauge my parenting (and now, homeschooling) skills not by how much knowledge my kids have stored in their brains, but by how they treat other human beings, and by how they see the world, and by how sensitive they are to the voice of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  When I’m out of the zone, I get a little hung up on unimportant things.  But thank God for grace.  God helps me pull it back together and press on.

And press on I will.


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