Songwriting Conference

I’m so excited! I’m flying to San Jose, CA, next week for the Christian Songwriters Conference at Mt. Hermon. I’ve been finding lately that I get a lot of “blocks” to my songwriting. Oh, let’s face it, “lately” means “since I had children”. I don’t want to use that as an excuse anymore. I also want to get as much knowledge as I can about the art of songwriting so I can use what time I am able to carve out for myself to hone my craft and write really good, meaningful material.

The time to myself. The surroundings (Mt. Hermon is set among the Redwoods). The company of songwriters, musicians and worship leaders. I need this. Even today – I’m trying to pick a set list in a room with three children, ages 3 (well, nearly 3) to 9, crashing matchbox cars, jumping around and arguing at the top of their little, but well-developed, lungs. I’m as much a multi-tasker as the next woman, but it can be overwhelming.

So if you think of it next week, please say a quick prayer for me. Pray that God will refresh me and help me to really hone my songwriting skills. Pray that he’ll give me great, innovative ideas; increase my skills; reveal his heart to me for the church and for the lost; and draw me closer to himself.


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