It’s understandable, but sad, how as a parent I struggle with being grateful instead of exasperated. I love my kids. We have a lot of great moments that I truly can say I enjoy and cherish. I just get…frustrated. But life is so short. And family is irreplaceable. It’s more important than having a clean house. It’s more important than driving a great car. More important than seeing every episode of your favorite show, than being the best songwriter or guitar player or even friend you know. It’s more important than creating the perfect set list for Sunday *gasp!* Yes. It is. I’m telling you. And if you think I’m wrong, go ahead and live your life that way and see how you feel when your kids are gone. Or even when the last one outgrows her 2Ts.

Today was…well, it was tough. I was and am in a great mood, so I’m not talking about that. The house actually is sparkling, in most rooms anyway, so that’s not my beef. I don’t have any health issues or financial issues to gripe about, really. Heck, I’m even going camping in a couple of weeks. Life is sweet.

Today was tough because I was trying all day just to get 10 minutes together to sit down and do work for church. I’m way behind on set lists…I want to be three ahead, I only have two songs in place for next week. That’s disappointing. I have to add people to Planning Center, send out invites and thank yous, tweek the team schedule, practice guitar for Sunday and, oh yeah, clean out my email/phone call backlog. I was all set to do that today. The kids didn’t know this. They just knew I was always telling them to go somewhere else.

It’s amazing to me how much my kids like to be in the room with me. It doesn’t matter where I am, they like to be there. Most of the time, I just get frustrated with it and see it only from my perspective…

*sigh* How? How do they FIND me?? I have to lock myself in the bathroom to get any peace. Even then they’re knocking down the door looking for something.

…I was working in the living room on my laptop. They wouldn’t go outside or in their room. They just wanted to be in the living room.

…I was cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. They were all up in my stuff, closing dishwasher doors, opening fridges, wrestling for crying out loud…in the kitchen.

I only stopped to think about it when we were cleaning up after dinner…There are too…few…years for me to waste them in irritation and frustration. So I get behind on things a little. My kids need me. And I’m grateful.
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