WorshipChicks #5: Teaching and Growth

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The beauty, and sometimes sorrow, of team building is watching your team members grow.  As a leader, it’s not an option to just sit back and hope people catch on without some guidance.  Vision needs to be cast (and reiterated, and rephrased, and refreshed, and revised, and renewed).  Corrections and adjustments need to be made…and we all know that’s not easy or fun.  Examples need to be set.  And there’s all that blood, sweat and tears people talk about…they’re pretty much not kidding.  If you’re a good leader, it gets pretty personal for you.  You feel a certain responsibility for the team members – like a mom or dad.  It’s painful and sad when someone goes off the deep end, and it’s exhilarating when someone succeeds.

This is one of the most important team building things I’ve learned over the years.  You need to get your team to a place of 1. Interpendent Cooperation and 2. Ownership of the Vision.  To get people to that place, two things need to be happening: 1. Make sure your team members feel they’re of vital importance as individuals (I’m not talking about flattery and manipulation here.  I’m talking about seeing and drawing out full potential and a person’s calling!) and 2. Give them more responsibilty!  Don’t hold their hand or coddle them.  Give them the information and the tools they need, and be very forthcoming in that; but don’t do all the work for them.  Cut them loose and allow for some “growing pains” and variations in method, draw back in a bit from time to time for adjustments, then cut ’em loose again.

Some of the team building devices we use are cleverly disguised as social events.  Here are a few of the things we do:

1. Vision Nights – Quarterly.  Worship where the team doesn’t have to lead for a change, a teaching, prayer, vision casting, that kind of thing.  It’s good.

2. Songwriting Workshops – First Sunday night of each month, except when we have Vision Night. These are sort of a songwriting collaboration effort/jam session.  Not a teaching.

3. Christmas Party – Every year, like clockwork.  The great thing about this is a thing we call Fetterization, named after the family of Bill Fetter, one of our guitarists.  Basically it means we go from person to person and appreciate them with many verbal gushings.  It’s awesome.

4. Giordano’s Nights – That’s it.  We go out to Giordano’s for pizza and a family platter (and chocolate cake when we do it for someone’s birthday). Fun, fun, memory-making giggle-fests.

We do other things as well, but not as a regular thing.

What do you do to build up your team?  (In unity, spiritual maturity, musically, etc.)  Talk to me…


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