Sunday, July 19

I led from acoustic guitar (unplugged for my novice safety and the good of all) for three weeks, but this week I led without it – mainly because I didn’t feel prepared, because of some of the chords in the songs that are a bit tougher for me.

It was good. Interesting. One of those weeks where you kind of wonder for a song or three if anyone’s going to get ANY kind of breakthrough…then suddenly there is a breakthrough. A mass one. Which is rad.

The Set:

WALK IN: For All You’ve Done (Hillsong) – E
Good memories and a local anointing, if you will, are wrapped up in this song for us. We played it at our first annual Faith Week event in 2003 or so, and it became the theme for that week…and for a long time at Church in the Word. This one was tough at midweek rehearsal, because our drummer is here for summer vacation and hasn’t played since she played with us last. About a year ago. This is one she’d never played too, so the tom-roll intro was fun (tongue in cheek) for her to learn. But she got it! (yay!)

All Things New (CITW/me) – C
This song was not on the plan to begin with this week, but we were struggling through rehearsal Thursday night, and things needed to be done. It’s all good, and this went well.  (Side Note: I submitted this song for review to the Christian Songwriters Conference at Mount Hermon.  I’m going to the conference at the end of next month.  SO excited!)

Let Creation Sing (Hillsong) – D
Love, love, LOVE this song.  It always goes down well, and it’s just so stinkin’ good.  I can’t help but smile.  I love singing this song to God, and I get the feeling He loves hearing it.  Confession: It’s darned hard to sing, man. At least to sing well.  Easy to go flat on this, and it’s just in that spot in my range – at the cusp of upper/lower registers.  So I have to sing it a different way than I do most others.  It works, but I really have to concentrate…it doesn’t come as naturally as others.

Desert Song (United) – D
Oh my.  Oh my oh my.  Seriously?  Could this song have been introduced at a more perfect time?  Not sure, but it was pretty timely, and pretty much the turn-around point in the service.  I introduced it by teaching the chorus and talking about the seasons in our lives and how God is in them and we can rejoice in Him, even through trial.  It set something off in people.  I haven’t seen a turn-around mid-set like this in a while.  We all got desperate for encounter.  PS. This song IS pretty natural for me to sing.  Way easier and graceful for me than Let Creation Sing. It’s always more fun when I can concentrate on something other than the vocals.

How Great is Our God (Tomlin) – A
Can you tell this has been a staple for us lately?  Yeah, we’re not too on top of the trends.  We get to the popular songs when (and if) we get to them.  But right now is a good time for us with this one, so there you have it.



FEATURED MUSIC: She’s Beautiful (Jake Pena/CITW)
I’ve mentioned Jake before.  One of the founding team members, he used to be one of the Sunday morning worship leaders at the church.  He’s visiting for the summer and brought some great new original songs with him, so we gave this one a go.  It’s a great song about the bride of Christ – it comes off as a love song from a third person perspective. Not a worship song, but very blessed and poignant. And it’s gorge.


MEET & GREET: When The Levee Breaks (Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie)

MESSAGE: When The Levee Breaks
This was a powerful prophetic message, piggybacking (Yep.  I went there.) on last week’s message called “The Three Little Pigs”.  All about getting the Church prepared, so when deep trials come, we will be able to be a place of refuge to those in need.  The warning signs are there, we need to heed them and get our hearts and lives straightened out.  “‘Cause when the levee breaks, cryin’ won’t help you and prayin’ won’t do you no good.”  Whoa.  I know.  But yeah.



Tami Hoban – vox, WL
De’Reen Vyleta – vox
Jake Pena – vox, acoustic
Timothy Wisniewski – vox, bass
Lex Wisniewski – keys
Bill Fetter – electric
Don Reed – electric
Candace Buhrke – drums

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