Birthday Blitz

…seriously. I was ambushed, not once, but thrice. First, my husband, the church council and the worship team surprised me with a gift certificate to a spa. Then, some girls from the church threw me a surprise party. The guise: Pick up a racquetball partner at her house. I got there. She answered the door. And for a split second before everyone could shout “HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY!”, I was upset because she wasn’t dressed for gametime. (addict.) Elaborate “tea party”-style spread, great friends…I only wish you were there too! So fun.

And the third surprise was a grand and glorious solo effort by my incredibly (apparently deceptively?) romantic husband! He drove us to an undisclosed location…which, once disclosed, was St. Charles, Illinois. We went out for Thai (phenomenal Thai), hung out downtown, and stayed overnight at the historic Hotel Baker in St. Charles. It. Was. AWESOME! Bar none, my favorite birthday since my unforgettable 7th. (Which was super sweet, too.)

I didn’t get many pics, because I didn’t bring my good camera; but here are some from my iPhone:


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