WorshipChicks #4: With Or Without You

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Okay, so the title this week is a blatant nod to U2 (<3<3<3).  Forgive.  One of the guitarists on my team, Don, aka DT, keeps telling me I should sling my guitar on my back while I lead, a la Bono in the With Or Without You vid.

…So my family is planning a little camping trip toward the end of summer, and I’m taking a couple of Sundays off for it.  Since my husband and I planted the church without any kind of “church planting team” (here is the abbreviated version of that saga), it took several years before we could get away…even for one Sunday.  Now that we are able to do that, it’s hard to imagine a time when we couldn’t.

I can honestly say that when I go away for a weekend now, or even a couple of weeks, I can do so having full confidence that the team will do a great job without me…and almost on auto-pilot.  I took maternity leave for a couple of months at the end of 2006; and I just sat back and enjoyed worship, with my newborn daughter Niamh in my arms cooing praises to God.  Sure, we need some adjustments here and there.  Our answer to that is frequent vision renewal via quarterly meetings we hold called Vision Nights, which are vital to the health and spiritual growth of the worship team.  I really believe that those are a huge part of why the team is so cohesive.  It’s pretty stinkin’awesome.

And if it sounds like I’m bragging on them, I am.  They’re all amazing musicians, great friends and true worshippers.  When I’m off the schedule but in town on any given Sunday, I literally have a bit of an inner “struggle” between wanting to just enter into worship fully with my eyes closed and no thought for the world around me and wanting to watch the team and smile that silly grin mothers have when they watch their children use their talents and reach new heights.  (I’m younger than several team members, but I still have that “mothering” sense over them.  And I feel that’s biblical – pastoral – and positive.  Disclaimer: I respect my elders, including on the team, and don’t talk down to them, but there is a leadership role that is in a different territory.)  It’s taken us a long time to get where we are, but the growth is undeniable.

So how does your team do when you’re not on?  Have you ever had the opportunity to sit in and watch?  Are you mentoring or training up anyone?  How do you prep your team when you go on holidays/conferences/weekenders?  Are you (and your team) in a place where that’s even possible?  Share your thoughts and ideas. What’s worked for you and what hasn’t?


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