Sunday, July 12

Worship was so fun and so real this week! Hopefully it’s never “not” real – probably a better word for it would be genuine. I’ve felt like the last few weeks have brought us to a new level of worship. And I can tell you what I (mostly) attribute it to – the Wednesday night prayer meetings during this 40 Days of Prayer. The church is going deeper, so the worship is coming from more awakened and hungrier hearts. All good stuff.

We added a Walk-In Song to the beginning of the set, which we play at around 5 minutes to service time. I know a lot of churches do this, and I wanted to try it to see if 1. It helped people get their booties into the sanctuary for worship and 2. It helped the live video feed, so there was no video delay – “start early to start on time” kinda thing. So far so good, I think. It worked well for us this week, from what I could tell.

This was our set:

The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate (Vineyard/Graham Ord) – G
All Things New (CITW/Tami Hoban) – C
Invitacion Fountain (Vineyard/Michael Pritzl)- G
Nothing But The Blood (Robert Lowry) – G
Let Us Adore (Hillsong/Reuben Morgan) – G

I thought the mix of songs this week was refreshing, without the awkwardness you can sometimes get from mixing such different styles, time signatures and musical eras.

We did Nothing But The Blood incredibly minimalistically…sort of like the Hillsong United version on the I Heart Revolution album. NO military cadence…no drums, really at all. We brought in the acoustic very late in the song. I thought it was really effective. It’s also been a while since we’ve done Let Us Adore, so it was nice to throw that in again – quickly re-owned by the congregation.

The Team:
Tami Hoban – vox, acoustic, WL
Jake Pena – vox, acoustic
Christine Buhrke – vox
Bill Fetter – electric
Don Reed – electric
Paul Wheatley – bass
Dennis Goeske – drums

Patrick preached a message he called The Three Little Pigs. đŸ™‚ Funny title, but a great and timely message about being prepared spiritually (and in all other ways) and being wise.

One last thing – I’d like to say a huge thank you, once again, to the council, the worship team and Patrick (my awesome husband!) for the birthday surprise Sunday morning! I’m excited to go to the spa, but overwhelmed by the love and support you’ve shown me, over and over. You. Are. The Best!!

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