Phone Call

Patrick and I were trying to watch a late-night movie the other night, and Niamh was still awake. She picked up my old cell phone (which is now her play phone, which she prefers not to use, because she prefers my iPhone) and pretended to call Patrick. Patrick played along. Here’s their conversation:

Niamh: H’llo?
Patrick: Hello?
Niamh: Fjfofeheijbnneeijfoekkfh.
Patrick: Yeah? I like that cartoon, too. Pink Panther, huh? (on TV at the moment.)
Niamh: Dhewowmekfkhghfehir cars? (there was a car on the movie.)
Patrick: Yeah. Shouldn’t you be in bed?
Niamh: Um. No. (pause) Um. Bye.


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