Sunday, July 5

I led from the acoustic again this week (still unplugged).  Some of the songs were a bit tougher for me, but that’s the beauty of having a great team with you.  I could just sing when I needed to, strum or pluck here and there when I could, and play full-on chords when I wanted to.  I love our team!!

Here’s our set from Sunday:

Fairest Lord Jesus (Christy Nockels) – C-D (love that modulation)

Freedom is Here (United) – A

Closer to Your Grace (Krasimir Draganov, CITW) – A

Sing (Your Love) (Hillsong) – A

Came To My Rescue (Hillsong) – C  (ON HAND song, used)






MEET & GREET: Birthday (The Beatles)

VIDEO: Freedom (this was awesome.)

MESSAGE: Freedom (also awesome!)

I chose not to do a patriotic song this year.  I know people enjoy it, it’s somewhat expected, and I’m definitely not against it.  I think can be a powerful thing.  But I felt this year not to, because I wanted, rather, to emphasize an alignment of allegiances of a higher kind.  Also, it just fit better, the way we did it, with what Patrick was preaching on.

Freedom is Here was perfect for it.  I also talked/prayed beforehand a moment about being grateful that we live in a country where we are free to serve Jesus and worship Him as we please, but that even if we didn’t have these freedoms, we are free IN Him.  No one can take that away.  My heart, at least, was focused on true freedom – freedom from sin, death and spiritual bondage, not just from oppressive government or persecution.  (Which, of course, is also good and something to be very grateful for.)

We had…a rather difficult midweek rehearsal, and an equally difficult Sunday morning run-through.  There were just a lot of obstacles.  But that happens, and I rarely “panic” about that.  I did, however, just pray that the Holy Spirit would take over and do something wonderful in the service, even in spite of us.  And that He did.  Worship was beautiful.  It was imperfect, but that’s because of us humans – but it was really wonderful.  Something different happened with Sing that was unexpected, because we didn’t have a chance to run through it Sunday morning.  Don’t know if we could replicate it, but it was good.

We also did Birthday by the Beatles during the Meet & Greet time, complete with the Beatles lyrics.  Oh.  My goodness.  That was fun!  We scrolled all the July birthdays on the screens while we played – planning to do this once a month. (Could get old after a year, but that’s cool.)

Patrick used a video before his message.  It was really powerful.  I’ll try to post it later, if I can get a link from him.  His message was great, too.  Well thought-out and inspiring.  He used the Declaration of Independence, The Irish Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech as examples, and spoke about true spiritual freedom (which I alluded to above).  I know the Holy Spirit was speaking to people and setting people free, even as they listened.  He’s cool that way.

…AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: I have to say here that I’m somewhat jealous of my Aussie friends who are attending Hillsong Conference this week.  But I’m praying it is FANTASTIC and that you are completely blessed and refreshed!  (And I hope you intend to blog on it.)

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