WorshipChicks #3: Balance

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I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by life. It’s good, and I’m actually the kind of person who normally laughs in the face of chaos. I tend to have three or four things going on at once, no matter where I am. But sometimes you just need to stop and breathe…preferably with eyes closed and earplugs inserted…and reevaluate.

Yesterday I listened to a webinar about homeschooling by a lady who has somewhere upward of 6 kids – all of whom, it seems, she homeschooled. This is territory that I’ve unexpectedly veered into in the last six months with my own three kids, as my husband and I have made the decision to try it with them. We start in September; but even now, my thoughts alternate between excitement and joy over having all my kids at home, teaching them more “organically” and all the cool things we’ll get to do together to trepidation over how this is actually all gonna go down.

As I listened to this extremely well-organized and precision-oriented mother talk about how she ran her household, I started getting that overwhelming feeling – that…mental hyperventilation. I hate that. How was I going to handle homeschooling on top of everything else I’m supposed to do?! SHOULD I even be doing all this other stuff? What would God have me do? If I don’t do things the way she recommends, what effect will that have on my kids? And their kids? (NOTE: To explain, in a very rudimentary fashion, her philosophy has a heavy focus on what she called a “quiet home” and a very regimented schedule. I’m not putting her or her theories down…actually it all made a lot of sense, but I think certain aspects of it are not one-size-fits-all).

I had to remind myself (repeatedly) that while our parenting style has not been perfect, or even everything we expected it to be, our kids have turned out to be pretty stinking awesome so far. They’re confident, kind, polite, daring, and wise…among other good things. I also reminded myself that, while I can be rather flighty when it comes to schedules and dates and I’m not always good at saying “no”, I’m getting a lot better at it. I do choose my battles.

While you might not have kids or be dealing with the kind of life-balancing issues that I’m dealing with, I can guarantee you, you are dealing with life-balancing issues. Married life, volunteerism, work outside the home, prayer/worship/Bible time, ministry, honing your vocal/musical/public speaking skills, songwriting, READING, for heaven’s sake (Don’t we all wish we could read more?), writing, blogging, recording, producing, leading a team, caring for people in your church, caring for sick family members, nutrition and fitness, learning new skills…

Need I say more? I think you can relate. There are so many things we want to do, so many things we NEED to do. The urgent can overwhelm the important. (Read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People…annually, if possible.)

So the question is, what’s on your plate? And how do you find ways to deal with everything effectively? Do you feel sometimes like you’re just not able to? Give us your thoughts on managing your time and balancing your life.

(Probably not a bad exercise for all of us to do: make a list of the major arenas of your life, or your roles in them, and rate for yourself how you think you’re handling each area. Are there some areas you could cut out or cut down on? Are there some areas where you need to step up to the plate more?)


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