Sunday, June 28

I’m writing this while nursing a pretty massive headache, so please excuse any drivel.  It’s entirely possible.

WOW.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I really enjoyed worship today!  De’Reen gave her first exhortation just before The Time Has Come.  She read Psalm 27:1 and related it to a line in the song – it was really quite good – lively and encouraging.  Thanks, De’Reen!  (In hindsight, I think it would’ve been better if we’d kept the music behind her a bit quieter.  I think it was a little hard to hear her in the house.  But it was a good word – and a great lead-in to that song.)

I shared Hab 2:14 before Holy is the Lord – “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”  The atmosphere was really “clean” today – easy to enter in, and it seemed the participation and anticipation were high.  I really love being in the presence of God in corporate worship. There’s nothing like it.

Also, I played acoustic guitar today as I led worship – first time ever.  (I wouldn’t say I led from the acoustic, because I didn’t.  I played, unplugged, with the band – Jake did the acoustic lead instrument stuff.  It was really fun, and I actually felt pretty comfortable doing it.  I’m going to continue to play at midweek rehearsals with the band every week, and get more and more comfortable with it, playing on Sundays as I feel comfortable with the sets.

The interesting thing about it is that I felt a fresh anointing on me to lead today.  It was just different.  I don’t know how to explain it, really.  I actually felt more relaxed and more…sort of “authorized” to lead today than usual…if that makes sense.  And I feel it’s because of the obedience with playing guitar.  God asked me to step out and do this, and I could sense his blessing on it.

So that was awesome.

Set List/Order of Service:

How Great is Our God – A
The Time Has Come – A
Invitacion Fountain – G (that A to G transition actually worked out great!)
Holy is the Lord – D
MESSAGE: Life and Death
ALTAR CALL – 1 salvation! Heaven rejoices. 🙂

The message today was amazing, too. Very sobering, but also very motivating and encouraging. We need to tell people about Jesus! As many as we can, as quickly as we can. Patrick talked about how fleeting life is – Ecclesiastes describes it as a vapor. He mentioned Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson’s deaths. (Poor Ed McMahon. No respect.) Then he talked about Neda Soltan, the girl who was killed last week as a bystander to the protests in Iran. You can read more about that here on his blog.  Truly horrifying account of her last words and what she may have been experiencing.

So it was a straight up talk (like you don’t hear very often anymore) about heaven and hell and the reality of both, and a call to evangelism.  We’ve been called to accept the challenge.  Are we willing?

Worship Team:

Tami Hoban – WL, vox, acoustic
De’Reen Vyleta – vox
Christine Buhrke – vox
Jake Pena – vox, acoustic
Bill Fetter – electric
Timothy Wisniewski – electric
Krasimir Draganov – electric
Lex Wisniewski – keys
Paul Wheatley – bass
Candace Buhrke – drums

(Holy guitars, Batman!)

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