Sunday, June 21

Freedom is Here (United) – A
Evermore (Hillsong) – G
Invitacion Fountain (Vineyard/Pritzl) – G
In Your Freedom (Hillsong) – D
Bumper Music for Meet & Greet: Father and Daughter (Paul Simon)

I was off this week, so I decided to worship from the A/V Booth.  I like to do that sometimes when I’m off, because it’s a raised, open booth, so you get a birds’ eye view of both the stage and the house.  And hopefully it doesn’t bug the A/V folks too much.

The team was ON this week!  Worship was awesome.  Freedom is Here is really rockin’ the house, and I’m glad we’ve begun using that one.  We did the end very similarly to the recording, and had a very similar congregation response this week (though most of the congregation has not heard the recording…so that’s a good thing!).  Mike did a great lead in to Invitacion.  It’s been a long time since we’ve done that one but because most of those who’ve been with us for a few years remember it, and it’s a simple song to learn, it really didn’t need to be taught.  The congregation picked it up quickly and sang and shouted along freely.  So good.

We still need some serious work on transitions.  The transition between Invitacion and In Your Freedom was…awkward.  Like no one was sure what they were supposed to do there.  But it wouldn’t come across to anyone who isn’t a musician as anything but a vague “uncomfortable” feeling.  But that’s what we want to avoid, of course.  Anyway, stuff happens, and we’re growing.  But that’s sort of the “thorn in my side” (so to speak) at the moment – the thing we need to work on most.

Quick Side Note: I’ve narrowed the major things we need to work on musically as a team to three things.  1. Transitions! 2. Arrangements (on songs we write), 3. Dynamics.  And one thing that will help with all of those…4. Practice! The team members need to find some time to practice on their own.  The songs are on Planning Center in advance.  All that needs to be done is for everyone to take the initiative to listen to and work on them.  Assignment – Go!

The altar call was great!  God is good.  I don’t know how many raised their hands and received salvation, but it was probably at least 7-8.  Patrick kept “I see that hand”ing.  So that was cool!  And the Ad Council video was quick, but hilarious.  Perfect icebreaker for Father’s Day.

Pastor preached on The Heart of the Father.  Ironically, had I known in advance, we could’ve done our parody of Eye of the Tiger, which was perfectly named for this message: Heart of the Father.  BUT…I didn’t know until it was too late.  Ah well…next year, hm?

The message was very good.  Patrick used the Prodigal Son as an example and talked about how the father received his son when he returned – how even when he was far off, the father’s heart was for him and he longed to see his son.  And how God is like that with us.  Amazing.

The Worship Team this week:
Mike Ingham – WL, vox
Christine Buhrke – vox
De’Reen Vyleta – vox
Loretta Ingham – vox
Jake Pena – vox, acoustic
Lex Wisniewski – keys
Bill Fetter – electric
Don Reed – electric
Timothy Wisniewski – bass
Dennis Goeske – drums

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