“Two Camera Miracles”

Sean's Camera
Our son Sean has been telling us for about a year and a half that he wants to be a photographer when he grows up. Impressive, and pretty rare, for a kid who just turned 7. At least I think so.

And you know what? Probably not a bad job for him. He’s got an amazing imagination and artistic eye…and he’s charismatic, which comes in handy when you’re trying to get a human subject to do what you want them to do for a shot. Here’s a sample of his work – (our Christmas photo for the church for last year)
Mom and Dad
…not too shabby for a Kindergartener, eh?

So guess what he got for his birthday? A digital camera, of course. A small one, don’t freak out, but no Fisher-Price toy. He LOVES it! He’s taking pictures every day now and really thinking about what he wants to capture first.

Now as I mentioned he just turned 7 – that was the beginning of this month. In that time, he has left his camera where it doesn’t belong a total of a gazillion times…give or take a few. He’s gotten reminders, The Looks and lectures, but they haven’t really taken. Not well enough apparently, anyway.

About a week and a half ago, our poor sitter drove all the way home with Sean’s camera on her bumper. She got home, found it there and drove back to our house with it. Camera Miracle #1.

Then, believe it or not, he left it out on the lawn through that nasty collection of storms that rolled over Chicago yesterday. Rain, hail, wind, rain, lightening, rain. You get the picture.

He found it after the rains let up and came to me sheepishly, thinking (with good cause) that I was going to lose it. Oddly enough, I stayed really calm. Mostly because his fear of parental wrath and the knowledge that he’d ruined his precious camera was punishment enough.

It was completely lifeless. Patrick took the camera and dried it with my hair dryer. Incredibly…it came back to life! It was like a scene out of 101 Dalmatians. (Lucky lives!) Only it wasn’t luck. It was Camera Miracle #2.

We firmly admonished…and vehemently entreated the child to never bring it outside again without first telling one of us. And Patrick said, “You are one BLESSED little boy. God must really want you to have that camera…that was two miracles now! Don’t…test…God…again.”

Sean went around in wide-eyed wonder with a broad grin all evening. And even this morning, he was walking on air and talking about how blessed he was, and chattering away about the “two camera miracles” God performed for him.

Great faith-builder, that camera. đŸ˜‰


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