WorshipChicks #1: Growing Up

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Hey Everyone,

I’ll kick off the first topic for discussion by giving you a little slice of my story.  My husband and I were married in the Spring of 1999, and planted Church in the Word in the Fall of 2000.  We started making the 6-hour journey from where we were living in NW Wisconsin to the NW ‘burbs of Chicago to get things rolling 3 days after our first son, Liam, was born.  Three. Days.  Yes, I am now aware that it was crazy.  At the time, it simply seemed an adventure.

We had absolutely no team to start a church.  It was literally just the three of us:

Patrick: Setup Guy, Usher, Greeter, Preacher/Pastor, Sound Tech

Tami: Setup Girl, Greeter, Worship Leader, Kids’ Church/Nursery Teacher

Liam: Cute Baby on Blanket

This worked out okay at the time, since we averaged around 15-18 people for our first year.  But needless to say, we were busy doing everything.  It didn’t help that we didn’t have many connections in the area (read: No Babysitters).

Nine years and two more kids later: Our church is a lot bigger.  We average somewhere between 200-300 every Sunday morning and (I’m biased) have Awesomeness already in place to be a church of at least double that…it’s only a matter of advertising.  The busy-ness has not gone away…in the least.  It’s just different.

In that time, too, I went from being a 20-something know-it-all in turmoil about who I was and what I was supposed to be, to being a 30-something who realizes I’m not as smart as I used to think I was, and becoming much more settled and confident in my identity in Christ.

I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work.  I’ve learned that I’ve got a lot to learn.  And I’ve learned that one size does not fit all, and it’s foolish futility to advise people that your way of doing things is the only way.  So take my thoughts for what they are: an insight into my experiences and what wisdom God may have granted me for my situations.  It may or may not be exactly what you need, but that’s why it’s crucial to let the Holy Spirit lead you, and make the Bible the measuring rod in all things.  That part doesn’t vary.

SO…if you’re still reading…here’s the first thing I want to put to you:

TOPIC #1 Growing Up

How have you seen God growing you up (so to speak)?  Can you look back and see growth?  Do you have some way of tracking that or remembering that?  Has your personality, leadership style, methodology changed with you?  Name an “Aha” moment or turning point in your growth that helped you jump to a new level. Topic up, Chicks!  Make your thoughts and stories as richly contemplative or light-hearted as you like…but share them.  Go!



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