Sunday, June 14

Sunday was good!  Worship went well…unfortunately, I wasn’t in the service during the message, but I heard it went great.  This was our worship setlist:


My Glory (Merchant Band) – A

Freedom is Here (United) – A

Closer To Your Grace (In-House, Krasi Draganov) – A

At The Cross (Hillsong) – E

Revelation Song (Gateway Worship)- D


We’ve had a bit of a homecoming/reunion on the worship team.  Jake Pena’s back for the summer from IHOP/kc, Christine Buhrke is back from college, and Lex Wisniewski has had her schedule freed up some to rejoin us for a while. *wink to Lex*  It’s been great fun to work with them again – and the time always goes by too fast!  Now to convince Christine’s sister, Candace, to play drums for us this summer…


The new song, Freedom Is Here, went well; although in hindsight, I think I rushed us on this one (which I’ve done before).  We could’ve used another week to practice it.  I was so excited to do it.  It sounded good, but I didn’t feel prepared enough on the lyrics of the verses.  C’est la vie.  I resolve to live and learn.


After Closer To Your Grace, I felt a need to stop pushing through the set list and just let people stop and breathe for a minute…allow the Holy Spirit to move on them…comforting some, rallying others.  So we pressed in and the power of God began to come.  Then after At The Cross, Pastor came up and prayed, again exhorting people to give their cares to God and just worship him.  So we added on the On Hand, Revelation Song, which was a good call.  It helped many break through and really worship, instead of just singing.  Good stuff.


We had a great testimony yesterday, too, from a guy who was healed at the altar a few weeks ago from some breathing problems.  He explained that God not only has physically healed him, but has been healing and repairing his life.  Go God!



Tami Hoban – WL, vox

Mike Ingham – vox

Christine Buhrke – vox

Timothy Wisniewski – electric, vox

Lex Wisniewski – keys

Don Reed – electric

Krasimir Draganov – electric

Jake Pena – acoustic

Paul Wheatley – bass

Dennis Goeske – drums


On another note, I’ve been learning the guitar for several months from Bill “Shredder” Fetter.  He’s been…um…encouraging me to pick a date for my guitar *freak out* debut in church.  I am, of course, petrified, as I don’t feel ready.  But his suggestion is to just start with one song.  So I’ve decided that, to make myself feel a little more prepared and comfortable, I’m going to start playing guitar (unplugged) with the band every week at Thursday night rehearsals.  Started last Thursday, and it felt good!  Yay for new things.


Sunday Setlists


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