How Boys Slumber Party

I didn’t even know boys HAD slumber parties before I decided to throw one for my son, Sean.  He turned 7 on June 4.  We decided this year to forego the huge themey parties I so loathed to put on in the past – big on preperation and cost, small on creativity and actual memory-making fun.  But sometimes.  *sigh*  Let’s just be honest.  As creative as I like to be, I often default to what appears to be the path of least resistance when it comes to birthday parties.


This year, because we wanted to do something special, while keeping the costs and hassles of a big rowdy kids’ party at bay, we decided to do the ONE thing Sean really wanted to do (laser tag), and surround it with lots of plain old Playing.  Yup.  Playing.  Remember that?  That’s what we did when we were kids before such things as “activity schedules” and “inflatable fun parks”.


Seems like the idea worked, because the kids had a great time, I didn’t lose my mind, and the costs were kept relatively low for what was produced.


Here’s What We Did:

Phase 1: Brunswick Zone XL for some Laser Tag and arcade games

Phase 2: Home for outdoor play, ‘dogs n’ chips, cake, pinata, pressies, and a movie

Phase 3: Sleepover!  🙂


What was great about Phase 2 is that the weather was great and we have the perfect yard for kids to run around in and make up scenarios.  The boys dropped their bags at the door, whipped up to Liam & Sean’s rooms, grabbed a “weapon” each, burst through the patio door and went running around through the woods and the grass like wild animals a la Lord of the Flies (only without the scary political implications and name-calling, fat-kid-hurting cruelty).  It was awesome.  🙂


Interesting side note: My 7th birthday was my most memorable.  And so far, I’m thinkin’ Sean could say the same.  Props to the Holy Spirit and to Michelle Heidenreich for the party ideas.


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