Ring Around the Rosey

Who would’ve guessed that having a girl would be so much fun?!  Let alone that it was even doable for me.  After having two boys and living in that world of pockets full of dirt and homegrown sci-fi sound effects, I didn’t know if I’d even know what to do with a girl.  But I’m gettin’ the hang of it.  I now at least comb her hair (nearly) every day and put a barrette or pony in it.  And I’m getting more original with that, too.  *smile*


Here’s Niamh (the little sandy-strawberry-blonde in the pink puff-sleeved shirt) and some new friends playing a slightly updated version of Ring Around the Rosey.  As fas as I know, this is the first time, she’s ever played it.  It was incredible to me to watch her mimic their every move and word and fit right in with the other kids, despite the fact that all of them were at least a couple years older than her.  (At 2, you know, that makes a big difference.)  She’s so beautiful.  God, thanks for this amazing gift…



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