Sunday, May 31

WELCOME – Timothy W

We Shine (Unhindered) – E  (that’s UnHINDERED…david)  😀

Fairest Lord Jesus (Nathan & Christy Nockels) – C

More (When I Enter into Your Presence) (CITW, Krasimir Draganov) – G

Came To My Rescue (Hillsong) – C

MEET & GREET: Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles)


I LOVE how Fairest Lord Jesus went on Sunday!  And the worship time, in general, was just powerful.  God really blessed us as we worshipped him.  We Shine was really awesome – there was a great sense of freedom right from the beginning…and then it all broke loose on Fairest.  It was a “new” song, but familiar to many.  One of those “cross-generational” songs that the older crowd gets into just as much as the younger.  But the arrangement is so modern and catchy, with that Channel “you are fairer still today” – you can totally shout-sing it.  And I find that those kind of songs really encourage even the meekest worshipers to just GO for it!  Gotta love those anthem songs.


Krasi exhorted the church leading into his song More to consider how we enter into the presence of God.  How do we “unlock” the presence of God through our worship?  It was good.  That song is so great for just getting people to “mellow”…stop and breathe…and allow God’s goodness to wash over them.  It’s truly precious.


And Came To My Rescue has just been one of those songs that has had historical meaning and power in our church context.  We love it…and you can feel that the moment the first notes are sung.  The peace is palpable.  (I’m pretty sure I couldn’t say that sentence out loud.)


Patrick preached on Praying in the Spirit, continuing on the “Whole New Way To Live” series.  The message was So. Stinking. GOOD!  And seeing as how I’m his wife, I’m pretty brutally honest with him about that kind of stuff.  (and by brutally honest, I just mean honest.  “honest” carries little weight today, sadly…so I felt the need to emphasize.  I’m not mean.  Ask him!)


One woman at the church said that it was “the best service she’s been to in 25 years.”  o.O  um.  wow.  That being said, you should know that God moved beyond just the direction and delivery of a great message and a beautiful time of worship.  At the end of the service, we sang in the spirit for a while, followed by accurate words of knowledge and healings.  It was amazing!  (as only God can be.)  At the membership meeting after the service, someone was baptised in the Holy Spirit.  Did I mention this was at the [dry, informational] membership meeting?  Yeah.  In case you were wondering if God still works.  He does.


Okay, the worship team:


Me: WL, vox, small percussion

Mike Ingham: vox, keys

Loretta Ingham: vox

Timothy Wisniewski: bass, vox

Krasimir Draganov: electric, acoustic, vox

Bill Fetter: electric

Jake Pena*: acoustic

Dennis Goeske: drums


(*Jake was one of the original members of our worship team, from its inception in 2002.  He moved down to Kansas City to attend the Forerunner School of Ministry at the kc/IHOP in 2006.  He’s back for the summer to create and play some fine worship music with us.  Welcome back, Jake!)



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