Sunday, May 24

Sunday’s Set:

Better Than Life (Hillsong) – Ab

I Will Worship You (In-house, Krasimir Draganov) – E

Now That You’re Near – (Hillsong) – E

Better is One Day (Matt Redman) – E


I was soooooo off twice this month!  Can you say “Yay”?  Mm-cuz I can.  What a great thing it is to have a team that’s so talented, so trustworthy, so diligent, and so in tune with Holy Spirit that they can lead a fantastic set week after week without me sticking my nose into it every time.  Our team is AWESOME!  Talent+Personality+Passion+Compassion.  It’s a beautiful thing.


But the most beautiful thing is meeting with God in corporate worship every Sunday.  I love that even when I feel I am reaching only a little, his arm is outstretched – his love is captivating, and even surprising.  Our human expressions simply cannot do justice…or even come close to reflecting all that he is, though our hearts compel us to make the attempt.


As for the team, we have a recent addition. (Not a baby.)  Eric has only drummed for us a handful of times, so it’s still a bit nerve-wracking for him when he’s on.  But he did a GREAT job on Sunday!  And Mike always does a great job leading.  He has wonderful insight and depth in his prayers.


Patrick continued the series A Whole New Way To Live.  Last week and this week focused on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  This Sunday was really practical – about why it’s important to know about, and go for, all that God has for us as believers.  And one of the coolest things about the sermon (as far as I’m concerned) was also one of the things I’ve heard most from my husband (aka, the pastor): the Old Testament model of the sacrifice for sin and how that is reflected by the cross.  I love how everything in the OT is pointing, and SHOUTING, “Look…at…Jesus!!”  SO stinking cool.  The Old Testament was not discarded or overthrown with Jesus’s coming…it was fulfilled!  Awesome God.  Okay.  I tangent.


The Team:

Mike Ingham – WL, keys, vox

Loretta Ingham – vox

De’Reen Vyleta – vox

Bill Fetter – electric

Don Reed – electric

Timothy Wisniewski – bass, vox

Eric Reick – drums


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