Sunday, May 17

Time again for my Sunday Set List report!


This Sunday’s set:


My Glory (Merchant Band) – A

Better Than Life (Hillsong) – Ab  (YES, we did go from a song in A to one in Ab.  And it worked!)

More (Our church! – Krasimir Draganov) – sadly, I don’t remember the key.

Sing (Your Love) (Hillsong) – A

How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin) – A


God is awesome!  We had a great time of worship yesterday.  We did Krasi’s new song, More; and it got a good response.  There is such a touch on that song, I love it.  Then between Sing and How Great is Our God, there was a great time of spontaneous worship/singing in the Spirit, and Pastor had a prophetic word.  God was saying that he wants to move in some people’s lives and change them, but they’re too focused on their own issues.  He was calling them to let go and let Him be Lord over those things, and they would change!  Go God!


The team this week:


Tami Hoban – WL, vox, percussion

Mike Ingham – vox, keys

Krasimir Draganov – vox, electric, acoustic

De’Reen Vyleta – vox

Bill Fetter – electric, awesomeness

Paul Wheatley – bass

Dennis Goeske – drums


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