Sunday, May 10 (Mother’s Day)

Okay, I’m gonna be honest with ya.  Worship was tough this morning.  There were extenuating circumstances and a couple of us were late (me included) to rehearsal.  My kids were coughing and blowing runny noses, so I kept them out of kids’ church.  But that meant I had to sort of do double-duty this morning – worship rehearsal and taking care of them simultaneously, which was crazy.


So then we got into the set and struggled a bit with tempo during the first two songs.  But they still went relatively well.  And if you’ve ever been on a worship team, you know that the days you think the music was distracting and everything you did, said and sang were distracting, are the days you have someone come up to you and say how great the worship time was and how the Holy Spirit moved on them, etc.  So, it’s just always a good reminder that it’s not about us!  And aren’t you glad it’s not?


Here’s the set we did:


We Shine (Unhindered) – E

All Things New (Me) – C

None But Jesus (United) – C

You Alone Are God (Hillsong) – C




MEET & GREET: Sesame Street Theme (Yes.  We did.)

Message: A Whole New Way To Hear


I, unfortunately, had to leave with the kiddies after worship, because I didn’t want them to get anyone else sick.  But I was told the rest of the service was great!  And I’ve had an awesome Mother’s Day with my Awesome husband and Awesome kiddies.  Pics will be up later today on my personal blog.  Thank you, and good-night!  *bow*


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