The Problem With Twitter

See…the problem I have with Twitter is that I tend to not blog as much anymore.  Yes.  I’m blaming Twitter.  Because it makes me feel better.


But seriously, Sean did something really funny this morning, and instead of writing a quick blog post about it, I took probably even more time to figure out how to condense it into 140 characters while keeping the Funny.  Difficult.


So here’s the extended version, for the rest of you.  Sean and Liam are home from school today with really horrible-sounding coughs.  So they wanted to watch Batman The Movie (1966).  No problem.


We’re watching the pre-show ads and trailers, and Fox DVD has one of those movie montage thingies where they show clips of several of their latest (or most popular, whatever it is) films.  And all the clips sort of run together.  Then, of course, by the end of the montage, the clips run faster and faster and faster into one another.


Sean sees a clip of Big Momma’s House (which we haven’t seen, so honestly I don’t know how he knows about this movie).


Sean: Is that Big Momma?

Liam: Yeah.

Mom: No.  It’s just clips from all different movies.


Then he sees clips from X-Men (mostly Wolverine).


Sean: (breath…thoughtful pause, eyebrow…) Is that Big Momma vs. Wolverine?

Mom: (wanted to say): Yes.


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