Define Me

mirrorA lot of times you’ll hear people say “My past doesn’t define me,” and I would definitely agree with that.  We don’t need to allow people or events in our past, or even our own past failings, to define who we are.  But I would add to that that our present doesn’t define us either.  Our current circumstances, attitudes, quirks, barriers don’t tell us who we are.  The only place we can look to find out who we really are behind the masks we wear, and the failures we wear with shame, is the Word of God.

…and I gotta say, that’s a big relief to me.  Because I need to know that I can change.  That THINGS can change.  I need that hope of knowing I’m not at my full potential, and the place I’m in isn’t either.  There’s always more.


I’m sure you’ve noticed how some people like to blame their “stuff” on other people, or their circumstances, and not take responsibility for their own actions.  And you know what?  That’s great, if all you want is a Feel-Good-About-Yourself tablet to take in the moment.  But the effects wear off mighty quickly, and you’re left staring at yourself in the mirror again, saying “Why am I like this?”


Want to get off the roller coaster?  Own up.


So someone hurt you – You need to move on.  So you’ve inherited your mother’s penchant for yelling and being bossy – Stop blaming her and grow up.  So you’ve got troubles – Know that you’re not alone!  Jesus never guaranteed an easy ride.  In fact, he guaranteed that “in this world you will have trouble.”  But he also told us to “take heart” because He has overcome the world.  We are now more than conquerors.  We don’t have to live a defeated life, lying listless and defeated on our backs within the parameters that have been closely set by everything around us. You’ve got to break free from that mindset, and live the life He’s set before you.  Live it with every breath that’s in you, with a mighty shout and with a heart-set determination…and don’t. let. go.


Gideon learned his lesson and learned it well.  And if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.


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