Sunday, April 26


Here’s a re-cap of today’s worship set:


Let It Come (Vineyard – Winds of Worship: Holy version) – D

For God So Loved The World (me) – Em

Closer To Your Grace (Krasimir Draganov, in-house) – A

How Great is Our God (Tomlin) – A




MEET & GREET:  Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd, w/tweaked lyrics)


Today we did something a bit different.  The whole service was focused around missions.  There was a general call for more crusades to India from CITW; a live feed Skype interview with Marianne and Tim Krauss – missionaries from our church who relocated to Kunming, China, a year ago; and a live (on-platform) interview with Pastor Stephen Sanganahalli from India, who hosts and sets up our crusades there.


No real technical glitches in the service…and that’s pretty good, considering all the new stuff we were doing.  First service streamed online and first in-service Skype.  Plenty o’ fun for everyone!


We changed up the arrangement on Let It Come a little, which was fun.  And let the congregation take it away on How Great Is Our God – beautiful!  The people of God singing together in harmony…no mics, no crashing cymbals, no thumping bass (all of which I love, don’t get me wrong).  Just lovely God-made instruments.  Pure bliss.


Wish You Were Here was amazing!  I can’t believe the talent we have in our church.  It’s out of this world.  Bill is a whiz kid at re-writing lyrics…another of his many and varied talents.


Both interviews were fantastic.  There was a tangible excitement in the place, both as Tim and Marianne told of their work in China and as Pastor Stephen told of all God has been doing in India, in and through the crusades.  We have an AWESOME GOD!


Today’s Team:

Tami Hoban – WL, vox, percussion

De’Reen Vyleta – vox

Timothy Wisniewski – bass, vox

Krasimir Draganov – electric, vox

Bill Fetter – electric

Dennis Goeske – acoustic

Connor Gibson – drums




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