Legend tells of a legendary warrior…

…whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend!…


woot woot!  Okay, I just wanted to set the record straight for all you doubters out there…


I played doubles today with the Neubauers and Ralph the Legend.  Obviously, any guy with Legend right in his name has built up quite an impressive resume’ among the people.  Yes…The People.  Even those who don’t indulge in the frighteningly addictive sport of racquetball hath heard of the great Ralph the Legend.  He hath been spoken of directly from the pulpit, no less…challenged, “oooone daaay”ed, and glared upon with the steely gaze of determination coming from the pastor (“I willl defeat yoooou”).  That kinda thing.


…So…sorry, rabbit trail…getting back to the good stuff.  We played doubles – guy/girl against guy/girl.  And Ralph the Legend said these words to me afterward, “I thought you were gonna be a pushover, but you’re tough!”  Uh!  I nearly cried Miss America tears.  All I know is that I’ve found a new and healthy addiction, and you…yes, you, Couch Puhdayduh!…should try it sometime.  I’ve got a list of people who can vouch for that.


BUT…that being said, time’s a-wastin’, Summer V-Ball Crew!  Let’s recruit and get our toes in the sand court!  Who’s with me!?


(…And there was a great roar from The People that penetrated the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.  Some even say it could be heard faintly…on the moon.)


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