First Post – woo hoo!

Hey Everybody!

I finally made the switch to WordPress.  Likin’ it so far, but there’s a lot to learn, and these kind of things take (me a lot of) time.  You know?


Feel free to give me some WordPress advice, hints and tips!  I’ll be working on prettying this thing up and filling it out with links, blogroll, and other bells and whistles as I go along.


My old Bloggerblog is not gone, just imported into WP.  I’ve decided (crazy? maybe.) to keep TWO blogs.  One will be my personal blog for family pics, silly stories, and other whimsy as it strikes my fancy.  Here’s the new link for that one:

This one, however, will be my “professional” blog…dedicated to thoughts and information on worship, songwriting, music, the arts, church, Church and the creative process. (That’s right.  I didn’t stutter.)


All God’s best to you!



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