Sunday's Set List

Hey Hey Hey! What a great morning at church. We had a few technical issues, and I messed up on one song (sorry guys!), but it wasn’t anything all that noticeable. Wait…did you notice? I don’t think anyone noticed but the team. (I forgot to come back into Part 3 after the guitar solo on The Lord is Gracious & Compassionate, and instead went right to the end over Verse 1. There. I said it.)

I Will Worship You (in-house, Krasimir Draganov) – E
For All You’ve Done (Hillsong) – E
The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate (Graham Ord) – G
Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin) – D
MEET & GREET: I Can See For Miles (The Who) – I have no clue what key that was in.
SERMON: A Whole New Way To See (in the Whole New Way of Living series)

Today was fun! Everyone played and sang their hearts out, and it was a beautiful thing. Jesus was glorified.

And the Meet & Greet song fit PERFECTLY in with Patrick’s message. How fun! We changed the lyrics:

I know I’m forgiven, now here’s a surprise
And now I can see ‘cuz You’ve given me new eyes

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles, oh yeah

(etc. – I can post the rest of the lyrics we created on Tuesday when I get in to the office where I left them. We only used the first three or four parts of the song, since it was abbreviated.) Anyway, it was good; and I’m proud of the team!

Tami Hoban – WL, vox, percussion
De’Reen Vyleta – vox
Dennis Goeske – keys
Don Reed – electric
Bill Fetter – electric
Krasimir Draganov – electric, acoustic
Paul Wheatley – bass
Eric Reick – drums

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