Today's Set

Not a great week as far as actual planned key transitions, but these transitions involved some deliberate down time, splashy ride-cymbal endings and key pad intros. So it worked out great.

WELCOME – Vamped over intro of Tell the World

Tell the World (United) – A

EXHORTATION – “Conversational Worship”-style, God just needs us to “show up” (Thanks, Paul Baloche!)

Evermore (Hillsong) – G
Your Love Remains (Mike Ingham, in-house) – G
None But Jesus (United) – B (Done in a beautiful, raw acoustic “living room” worship feel. “You sing, Church.” Lovely, really.)

Worship was fantastic this morning. Not in that big, loud, shouting, chest-beating way. But in that deep, beautiful, still small voice, wind chimes on a summer night, He’s-with-me way. Gorgeous. Thanks, God! xoxo

Tami Hoban – WL/vox/percussion
Mike Ingham – keys/vox
Krasimir Draganov – acoustic/electric/vox
De’Reen Vyleta – vox
Loretta Ingham – vox
Bill Fetter – electric/cheerleading! đŸ™‚
Paul Wheatley – bass
Eric Reick – drums

Pastor Patrick “Hubby” Hoban continued his very enlightening (get it?) series on major world religions and apologetics, The Gods Must Be Crazy. Great stuff!

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