Niamh's Favorites

Okay. I’m ticked off because I’ve been trying to share a video on here from YouTube of Sir Ken Robinson on the topic “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” It’s excellent, and I highly recommend it. BUT for some reason, it will not share. Selfish thing.

Anyway…until my incredibly savvy friend, Lex, shows me an alternative way to do that, here’s something I think you might enjoy. My two-year-old, Niamh, is probably more familiar with the intricate workings of my iPhone than I am. She takes pictures, flips through photo albums, plays songs on Pandora and videos on youtube, records voice notes and sends an occasional email to someone I haven’t heard from in years. One of her favorite apps is called Backgrounds; and yes, just as the name suggests, the app consists of a collection of backgrounds for your iPhone. She’ll flip through, save her favorites, and email some to her…I mean, MY friends. Here are several she deemed save-worthy:

…which is true.

Love your strat? Crave an occasional cookie? What could be better than this…?

My favorite:


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