Girls Play Tea Party and Boys Play Kickboxing


Yes, I want to blog today, I really do. But I’m also on the computer so I can hide in my house, facing away from the windows, because I don’t want to see what’s going on outside. I’m not gonna lie to you.

When I was a kid, I’ll admit I was something of a tomboy-girlygirl mix. I liked my Strawberry Shortcake dolls and My Little Ponies; but I also could climb trees, spit and play Cops and Robbers with the fellas. (Growing up in the country, with your best friend living about 10 minutes away by bicycle doesn’t leave you many options sometimes.)

I’ve been the mother of boy(s) for 8 1/2 years now, but I still can’t get used to this. Okay…here’s the scenario. One son (Liam) is “playing tackle” with his friend Nick outside. “Playing tackle” apparently involves a gentler version of fist fighting, combined with mild shoving, kicks and jabs, body slamming and pin-downs. Like high school wrestling, only more aggressive.

Son #2 is riding on his friend Terry’s back. Terry is apparently pretending he is a bucking bronco, because Seanie just flew off the front end and face planted in the grass. Nice.

Remember when I admitted I was hiding from this? Honest Moment #2: I’m just glad my kids are bigger and stronger than these two older boys, because I know they could take ’em if they had to.

(Disclaimer for the Shocked: But my boys are GOOD boys and I know they wouldn’t beat these guys up…unless they had to……and then they would.)


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