The Statue of Liberty Guy

I’m trying to resurrect my blog. Let’s see if it takes!

Okay, so…there’s this tax company with a branch in Algonquin, which shall remain nameless…mainly because I don’t actually know the name…that is advertising with a man (different man every time I drive by) dressed as the Statue of Liberty standing and waving an American flag. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t KNOW the Statue of Liberty was actually modeled after a woman, or no woman in her right mind would take the job, or they’re trying to be discrimination-sensitive (my own new PC word meld. Thanks…I like it, too) or what, but there she…I mean, he…stands, day after day…presumably until the Ides of April hath passed.

It’s embarrassing, really. I’M embarrassed FOR the guy(s). I guess it’s work in a tough economy, but please. There must be burgers to flip somewhere. Maybe they are actually accountants who’ve p—ed off their boss, so they have to resort to this misery. Sad, really.

There was ONE guy who was actually quite entertaining…and I wasn’t embarrassed for him. Amazingly, it was because instead of looking like a tough puppy on a chain with a fresh trim and a pansy bow in his fur, he actually was waving cheerfully as people drove past, looking quite at ease in his lovely fake-weathered copper gown. No, not like he wears them all the time, but like he was cool enough not to care what everyone thought. I loved that. Once he even jumped and kicked his heels together. Yep. I sat at the stoplight that long. It’s a real man who can rock a Statue of Liberty gown. More power to him.


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