We Are The World

Okay, so I was listening to a station that was playing all Christmas music on the way home. There were some gems they were pulling out: Frank Sinatra’s version of Jingle Bells…”I love those J-I-N-G-L-E bells” (smooth as silk, Frankie, I mean it), the Grinch theme song sung by Thurl Ravenscroft (holy cats, man! that guy’s voice is intriguing), and of course Bing’s White Christmas. (I’d love to hear Louis Armstrong’s reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas again. That was ultra-mazing. You can’t stop smiling while you’re listening. I double-dog dare you.) But then they whipped out Do They Know It’s Christmas – the Band-Aid Feed the Children new wave pop song from the mid-80s. Talk about deja vu. It was a weird sensation to sing along with a song I didn’t realize I knew.

Anyway, I got home and youtubed it, which also led me to check out a video of the similarly-purposed We Are the World. ‘member that one? Yeah. Some of you don’t…because you were too busy being born…or even pre-born. But I do. What’s funny is that I watched it intending to giggle (and giggle I did, mind you), because it was super-spoofed all over the place for years. ’til the horse was completely dead. But I actually really enjoyed it…and not just for the laugh. It’s a far more colorful group of people than the Do They Know It’s Christmas crowd…and by colorful, I mean personalities, hairstyles, voice tones and vocal stylings, EVERYthing. It was a lovely little blast from the past that gave me a smile. Even if Jacko and Springsteen turned out to be schmucks. Are we surprised?


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