The Almost-2-Year-Old Mind

Wanna know somethin’ cool? Niamh did a hockey move on Sean a few days ago. I couldn’t believe my eyes…and I don’t know where she got the idea. Sean was irritating her, so she pushed his head down, grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head. The only thing that was missing was droppin’ the gloves. I’m convinced that had she HAD gloves on, she would’ve dropped them.

Then last night, she was drawing and doodling, as usual, and she drew something that looked a little like a circle – sort of a round messy patch of ink. So I said, “Nice, Niamh. Can you draw some more circles?” So she drew two tiny, nearly perfect circles and looked at me, as if to say, “There. That’s for all the times you doubt my incredible genius. Just know that I choose not to jump through your hoops most of the time.” ha ha ha…seriously, it was kind of creepy. She’s awesome.

Niamh’s new favorite activities:

-Playing piano and singing for us
-Drawing and coloring
-Dancing and making up new dance moves (my favorites are the Stomp-and-Turn, and the Elbow-Here, Elbow-There)
-Counting to ten, with a few spaces in between
-Pretending to be me: talking on the phone, working on her baby laptop, sweeping the floor, nagging the boys with a hand on a hip and a finger pointed at them… *ashamed*
-Riding her trike (yay for learning how to use the pedals!)
-Giggling & tickling and, last but certainly not least…
-Climbing (specifically onto her changing table to buckle herself in and smear “beauty cream” – aka diaper rash cream – all over herself)

Yes sir, that’s my baby.


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