Bluejays Baseball Update

Okay…if you were in church on Sunday, you heard Patrick tell the story of how Liam’s baseball team was beating the pants off the Marlins, when suddenly the Marlins came back in the sixth (final in Pinto league) inning. Well, it turns out there’s a little, overlooked rule in Cary Youth Pinto League Soccer that states that if a team is up by a certain number of points (I think the coach said it was 12 or 14) by the end of the 4th inning, that team is declared the winner. So the decision was flip-flopped and Liam’s team won. 🙂 Right after that announcement, the Bluejays went on to beat the Orioles in Game 9!

Am I glad for the Bluejays? Yes. Did they learn a lesson about losing well? *sigh* I hope so. Liam took the assumed loss on Saturday really well, so I’m happy to say that baseball has been a good character-builder for him so far. But not everyone has the foundation and support that he has. But we’re making relationships and having some positive influence, I think; so it’s just a wait-n-see kind of thing.

As for Liam’s improvements in skill levels…

He got a double in Game 8 and two doubles in Game 9. Not bad considering he’s a 7-year-old rookie in a 7s & 8s league. Some of these kids have been playing for several years.

Wook at him. He’s so tute…

(I love that last one. Jimbo giving Liam five…)


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