Sweet, huh? The city of Oak Lawn, Illinois, had these up for a while in an attempt to use humor to help people “remember” to obey the law. (‘Cause, as we all know, it’s always just a matter of forgetfulness and not pure rebellion.) I like it. I only wish I could tell you truthfully that these were the actual signs and not a smaller attachment that went directly UNDER the stop sign. ‘Cause that would be cool. But…I can’t.

It’d be great to be like Inspector Gadget and have one of these as a robotic attachment. That way, whenever we’re too busy pursuing our own selfish desires to even give the people and the world around us an afterthought, we could just say “Go, Go, Gadget Conscience!” and one of these would pop out of our head and hang by a mechanical arm in front of our faces…

That’d be great, wouldn’t it? The only problem I foresee with this (because I’m a big believer in The Future being like in The Jetsons. I so wish.) is that who would ever even press the button??


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