I both love it and hate it when my kids outsmart me.

I was having a discussion with Liam and Sean about Dora the Explorer the other day and, more specifically, about Diego (Dora’s cousin). Diego works for the Animal Rescue Thingy Deal Where They Do Great Stuff For Animals and For the Environment and Junk. Diego can’t be any more than 10 years old. My guess is more like 7 or 8. And did I mention that he WORKS for this Animal Rescue place? Anyway, I was willing to put that aside.

The boys were trying to decide whether Diego was a teenager (going to Ginger High…*smile*…as Seanie says) or a kid. I argued, against my better judgement, that he must be a teenager. I mean, he works for the Animal Rescue place, like I said…not to mention the fact that he’s allowed to drives vehicles, handle dangerous wild animals, travel to the far corners of the globe and use zip line cables without even a hint of reprimand from any adult (maybe that all happens post-production). Liam just looked at me. One of those of pity looks you give someone when you realize you’re just not getting through, (“You really just don’t get it, do you? Poor thing.”) and said “Dora…just did all that stuff too, Mom.”

“Fine. You win.”


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