The Good Stuff

*sigh* I’m sorry about my negligence, but I’m afraid I can’t say it won’t continue to some degree. I’ve had plenty of blog fodder, but nothing jumps out at me and says “Blog on this!” And in fact, I guess it’d be really creepy if that happened. There’s just been so much stuff happening…if you know me really well, you know what I mean. Just…stuff. And lots of it. Maybe that’s it, actually…Stuff Overload. Ah, I’ve coined a new term. Too bad it’s not a very clever one.

It’s interesting to me…I was just sharing with Loretta yesterday how God has been giving me opportunities to step out in areas that I would never try to sort of “push” my way into. He’s just opening the doors and I’m walking through. Things that I’ve prayed for for years that are now beginning to come to pass. I just told God that if the opportunity arises, I’ll take it. It’s just amazing to me that we can be going through trials on the one hand, and on the other God is really moving in and through us in other areas of our lives and we’re seeing really wonderful things happen. So yeah. I just thought that was cool. And I’m really enjoying the process.

Sorry about the non-specific way I’m addressing this stuff. I just feel that the specifics are, at least for now, to be between me and my Dad.

Maybe you guys are experiencing something similar? If you are, I’d love for you to share it with me. I’m feeling really talk show hosty right now, but I’m serious. Sometimes we focus on the trials and temptations, but forget the good things He’s doing at the same time.



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