South Florida

The first post of vacation photos is actually from the second part of our trip. But, I guess, had I not told you that, you wouldn’t have known, and it probably doesn’t matter. Although, it definitely mattered to us at the time. After four full, fun & busy days at Disney, we needed a little vacation from our vacation! So we went to the beach. The place we stayed at on the Gulf of Mexico was unbelievable. Check out the tiki huts for rent…

My beach baby. This was her first time at the “ocean”. (I think Gulfers cringe when you call it the ocean, but it was close enough as far as I was concerned.)

Liam found bunches of these intact clamshells on the beach. By bunches, I guess I mean five or six, but he was thrilled. So it felt like bunches. Unfortunately they didn’t come off the plane quite as “intact”, but the discovery mission was worth it.

The boys made friends on the beach with two other boys their ages. These boys are from the western ‘burbs of Chicago too. They made a sandcastle and moat together (which became a baby bathtub when Niamh took over – it’s amazing how she can rule virtually opposition-free.) Then they held sprint-style races on the beach, as demonstrated here…

Niamh made a new friend, too. This little sweetie pie is from Chicago too! What are the odds?

The beach is our Happy Place…

Hope you liked these. Disney photos will hopefully be up in a few days!


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