The Cutest Lil Snowman in Cary

Happy New Year, Everyone! Hey, I just realized that I blogged exactly 100 posts in 2007. Weird. I wasn’t consciously trying, but what a satisfyingly round number. I feel like I just balanced my checkbook to the penny.

Hope you enjoy these photos of the boys’ (Patrick, Sean and Liam’s) New Year Snowman:

They made it clear to me that the hat was Sean’s idea and the berries for the eyes were Liam’s. Very cool. I think it must be an Irish snowman. I say that not because of the, clearly, Irish hat. Not because I know that Irish people smoke more, in general. Seriously. Go there if you don’t believe me.

The reason I think it’s Irish is because in Ireland they don’t get much snow. Certainly not enough to make snowmen. And Patrick oversaw this particular snowman construction effort. I probably would’ve had them put the traditional rock buttons on the middle or “shirt” snowball, as tradition dictates, rather than the bottom or “pants” snowball. But that’s cool. It makes it that much more adorable to me.

…I think I’ll call him Seamus.


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