(<—Sean at age 3, with beverage, intended to make you connect him with orange juice.)

I love Sean. He finds something he likes, lets it roll around in his noggin for a bit, then is unrelenting in using it at every opportunity. If I use a biggish word, or any word for that matter, that he hasn’t yet heard, he asks what it means, uses it in a sentence right away, then keeps on using it. đŸ™‚ He’s so cute.

Yesterday I used the word “precocious”, or something like that…can’t remember exactly. It worked for Niamhy, anyway, because Sean said. “What’s that mean?” When I explained it, he said, “Ah. Then Niamh is precocious”.

So anyway, one day as I was making a pitcher of orange juice from concentrate, I said, “What do you think I’m making, Sean?” (because I know he likes orange juice) He couldn’t see inside the pitcher, so he said, “Mmmm…gimme a hint.” I said, “O.J.”

“What’s O.J.?”

Well, that’s caught on. Only he doesn’t say “OH-jay”…like the rest of us. He says “oh-JAY.”

He loves saying, “Mom, can I have some oh-JAY?” “I loooove oh-JAY!”

He’s all mine. Thanks, God! đŸ™‚

(Sean, a few days ago…with an apple core.—>)


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