Winter Baby

Here are some new pics of Niamh, taken earlier today. She’s sporting her huge poofy white snowsuit here…these are all the rage among the avant garde hipster babies. The poofier the better…

Under her poofy snowsuit, of course, are her pink bumblebee tights. What could be cuter? Here she makes an escape attempt. “No afternoon nap for me, Ma!”…

A new “crib series” for you…here she models for Child magazine… 😉

She had so much fun outside today with the boys. She finally got to try out her new sleigh. Liam, Sean and I took turns trudging through the snow with Niamh and her sleigh in tow. She didn’t say a word most of the time, just leaned way back, looking very Jabba the Hut-ish in her milky-white billowy ensemble, with a coy little smirk on her face. Shoulda been there. We had a blast. 🙂


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