Creatures of Habit

Every morning it’s the same. Liam wants cereal. Sean wants toast and jam. Every…morning. I don’t even have to ask anymore (and yet I do, all the time). What’s the deal with that? Maybe you think I’m making a big deal out of nothing…and I’ll give you that, you’re probably right. But if you were me and you did this EVERY morning for 3+ years now (with the exception of the occasional morning when I make the decision it’ll be eggs or pancakes or fruit or something), I think you’d start to get a little bored with it too.

I guess my sibs and I were a bit like that as well. I remember that we could choose what we wanted to drink with dinner, and we would always choose the same things. My sister always chose milk. My brother Garrett always chose Tropicana pulp-free orange juice (he was the picky one – still is, from what my sister-in-law tells me) and I always chose apple juice. I don’t remember what my eldest brother drank. Hmm…

Anyway, I’ve always wondered if it’s something in our personalities that makes us choose certain things. Maybe it’s just taste bud genetics. But if it WERE something in our personalities, what would our choices say about us? Any psychotherapists in the house? Hmm?

Yeah, I can’t think of an answer for that one either. Guess you can just chalk it up to kid quirkiness and comfort by olfactory association.


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