The puddings are done! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

Patrick has been making Christmas puddings, and the process has been draaaaaagggeeeeed out over nearly a week (not including the shopping and storing of the MANY ingredients, which is an undertaking of its own. Niamh’s closet again doubled as a pantry, poor chiquita.). My kitchen looks like Chernobyl, post-incident; and I despair at the thought of trying to make peace with my counters once more. It’s pretty hardcore.

But they’re done! My husband is well pleased with his handiwork, and all is right with the world (except what I said about my kitchen…that’s not right). I have to admit, however, he’s pretty astute at his craft. He knows how to make a good pudding (if there is such a thing), and he performs all the necessary, intricately detailed tasks with great skill and terrific glee.

So celebrate with me! The darkest hour is past.


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